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We use a unique pulse diagnosis method to create custom, individualized, Chinese herbal remedies for your particular health concern. Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is considered to be the most accurate way to detect symptoms of poor health and disease in the body.  The art of pulse diagnosis involves interpreting the flow of blood through the radial artery at the wrists at various positions which represent different organ systems and parts of your body. To the skilled practitioner, the pulse can reveal the many symptoms and chronic health conditions that we treat at Conscious Health and Wellness, Inc.  Moreover, the pulse reveals the root cause of the symptoms and enables the practitioner to diagnose and treat with great accuracy thereby bringing relief very quickly.  Dr. Miriam Pineles, L.Ac. and Adrian Taricani, L.Ac. have dedicated themselves to mastering pulse diagnosis and use it daily in their treatment protocols to create custom herbal prescriptions for each patient.


We use herbal pharmacies that test herbs for heavy metals and pesticides to ensure you receive only the highest quality herbs available.


Herbs are administered as either a tea or in pill-form.  Chinese herbs are safe to take with most Western medications and we will determine which herbs are appropriate based on your medical and health history.



Adriano Taricani with herbal medicine bottles of herbal medicine


Instructions for Using Chinese Herbal Formulas


Welcome to the incredible world of Chinese Herbs! Yes, they have an unusual taste and smell, but as you use them you will become accustomed to their uniqueness. The first thing you need to know about your herbal formula is that it may typically contain anywhere from 12 to 50 individual Chinese herbs. Our Nationally Board Certified herbalists, Miriam Pineles and Adrian Taricani designed each formula specifically for you.


Instructions for taking your herbs are as follows:

  1. The label on your bottle states the dosage for your custom prescription, referring to how many of spoonfuls of herbs you need to take. The spoon we are referring to is inside the bottle. Be sure to use a flat to slightly rounded spoonful. The best way to measure this is by scraping the spoonful on the edge of the bottle. Make sure to shake your bottle well, then mix your dose of herbs into a small glass of very hot water, blend well to dissolve the herbs (you may need to let them sit for a few moments), and drink while still warm. (You may add a bit of sweetener if necessary)
  2. It is best to take the herbs on an empty stomach, but you can also ingest the formula up to 30 minutes before or after you eat.
  3. Do not take the herbs with vitamins, minerals or pharmaceutical drugs. Separate these items by a good hour from the ingestion of your herbal formula.
  4. If the formula seems a bit difficult to digest, then taking the herbs 30 minutes after you eat should solve the problem. If this doesn’t solve the issue, please stop taking the herbs and immediately schedule an herbal consultation to correct the problem. Sensitive patients may experience minor stomach discomfort. If such reactions occur, we suggest reducing dosage or take with food.

Chinese herbal decoctions or teas are designed to make you feel better. If you feel any unpleasantness or bowel issues from taking your herbs, please stop taking the formula, call the clinic, and request an herbal consultation to address the issue. Remember, one of the biggest differences between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine is that in TCM we do not accept any side effects from our herbs. If you have a side effect, we consider that an unsuccessful treatment, and will alter the formula until there are no side effects and the problem for which the formula was designed to treat is remarkably better.

Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified in Chinese Medicine