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Conscious Health and Wellness, Inc.

Our Mission



Healing Starts Now.



We believe life is the greatest gift and it can and should be well-lived.

We believe our bodies are wise and able to keep us well.

We believe in healing. 


We work to alleviate pain and suffering- quickly.


We believe life can be well-lived,

In good health, with joy, with strength to do our work, pursue our dreams, care for ourselves and our loved ones, and to move through life transitions with grace and balance, and minimal pain.


To achieve a good life we must live with consciousness.

To be awake is to be present and to be present requires good health- a calm mind, a healthy body, a happy spirit.


We believe our bodies are wise and able to keep us well, but need the right ingredients and environment to thrive. 

When our bodies and minds get hurt or neglected, we know there are tools to repair what has been broken.  

We believe in healing.

We facilitate healing.


We provide high-quality Chinese medicine to address all symptoms and disease,

Having studied with masters in our field and continuously refining our skills and knowledge we get our patients well quickly!

We keep up to date with medical research and contribute to this research with our clinical results.

We employ practitioners who believe in what we do- in the power of healing; who are passionate about Chinese medicine and making people’s lives better. Practitioners who work with their minds and their with hearts and hold great respect for people and their dreams.


We do this with Acupuncture and Herbs that get results, fast.

Our clinic is a calm and serene office setting, where your needs are heard and tended to immediately.



Balance Method Acupuncture

Pulse diagnosis 

Chinese herbal medicine

Diet modification

Lifestyle changes (meditation, exercise, nurturing self, etc.)

We look forward to working with you!



Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified in Chinese Medicine