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Fertility, Pregnancy, Wellness

I had the great pleasure of being Miriam Pineles's patient for over five years before moving. A special person and gifted healer, Miriam is a true holistic practitioner. She has expertise on all areas of health and wellness and the knowledge, energy, and courage to address these areas. I consider her my partner in health and even after moving away, I still benefit from her guidance. She has helped me in more ways than I can list, from regulating cycles, to conceiving three children, to supporting pregnancies, to having healthy, miraculous births and in general, just keeping me going. My family owes so much to Miriam. We will never find the words to properly express our gratitude. Miriam is a constant source of information and inspiration and she is always learning more, attending conferences, fine-tuning her skills. Her office is also beautiful, calm, and conveniently located. This is so much more than amazing acupuncture. This is a treasure in NYC and I am grateful to have experienced this level of care.

-Maxine, NYC.


Autoimmune Disorder


Miriam has been amazing addition to my healthcare team.  She is devoted to making me well, treating me with compassion and sensitivity and always on the look out for additional solutions to helping me get well.  The herbs she prescribed in conjunction with the acupuncture helped alleviate my symptoms and have helped me move my auto immune disorder into remission.  Without Miriam's continued support and encouragement I do not think I could have come so far so fast.  Anonymous, NYC.


Back Pain/Stress


Miriam Pineles’ Acupuncture treatments are an outstanding way to reach optimal health and well-being. As a former dancer and Yoga specialist, I had experienced many injuries, strains and stresses over decades. I had also been familiar with and tried many treatment modalities which all had some merit- however, the level of optimal health attained now through the successive Acupuncture treatments outshines them all. Sometimes we get used to a level of movement that we can just tolerate and think that’s the best that can be achieved. Fortunately, that is not true. Miriam’s gentle, kind, knowledgable treatment of the whole self is really superlative. It allows one to really surpass the previous impediments to greater ease, and her offer of guided musical meditation contributes to free the mind as well. Then, one is open to cultivate new and wonderful ways of living and enjoying life to its fullest. -BK, NYC




I'm so glad I found Miriam to help me during my second trimester of pregnancy! I'm a really anxious person and going to acupunture twice a week has been heaven for me, helping me release tension and boosting my energy!! She knows all the exact points on my body that she has to put the needles! Besides all the knowledge, Miriam is kind and calm, she talks to you and gives very helpful advice, helping me every time I go there! Hope I can keep going after my baby is born!

-Anonymous NYC


PMS & Painful Periods


Miriam is a wonderful caregiver. She listens, she experiments, she asks for feedback, she finetunes, she gets results. Just after a month of treatment I have changed from someone who suffered from difficult PMS and periods, with almost unbearable pain, to someone who can go through both with only the slightest inconvenience. I am very grateful to the friend who recommended her, and hope as many as possible have a chance to benefit from her care.

-Anonymous, NYC



Fertility/Morning Sickness


Miriam has been a wonderful help to me, in numerous ways. Not only was she able to use her acupuncture skills to help with fertility but now she is treating me through the many issues of pregnancy - nausea, sleeping problems, nutrition, and perhaps just as important, first hand advice! No doubt she will be just as helpful in helping me prepare for the big day! in addition to her acupuncture knowledge, Miriam is extremely kind and patient - a great person overall and I am immensely grateful to have found her! ~Kelly


Fibroids/Heavy Uterine Bleeding


"I have suffered with Fibrosis and heavy bleeding for many years. Ive been prescribed hormone supplements and a drug called lysteda to decrease and regulate the bleeding. These drugs have known side affects and it was eventually suggested by my Doctors that I consider more drastic measures to shrink or remove the fibroids including a uterectomy. I have been counseled by Miriam during this time and through a combination of acupuncture and blood builders i have been able to manage my symptoms. During the past four months when my bleeding increased again she prescribed holistic herbs to manage the bleeding. . Since than i have had several normal menstrual cycles such that i had not experienced in years. The freedom and peace of mind that i am enjoying is wonderful. I am extremely grateful to Miriam for her compassion, patience and wisdom which she seems to have in abundance. She is a valuable rescourse, a talented acupuncturist and a lovely human being."  Anonymous, NYC




"Miriam is absolutely amazing. Sometimes, its hard to believe that acupuncture or alternative medicine will help take care of something that normally you would turn to pills for, but if it worked for me - it will work for anyone! Miriam is the most patient, gentle and professional acupuncturist that you will ever find." YR, NYC




"I could not imagine giving birth to my beautiful daughter without having had Miriam there as my Doula. Before I went into labor, she helped me physically and emotionally prepare for labor through meditation, affirmations, and acupuncture. When I was finally in labor, I was able to focus completely on my body and the baby, as Miriam took over and kept me relaxed and breathing. She guided me through the entire process. Her presence was calming, loving, and reassuring. Forty-five minutes after getting to the hospital, and 6 pushes later (without any pain medication), I was holding my daughter in my arms. I know that the labor would not have been as smooth, fast, and easy had I not had Miriam there with me. I am so grateful to have had her support."

- P.B., NY


Post-Partum Care


"How Acupuncture Helped me Post Partum:

I was in excruciating back pain, to the point I was still taking my c-section percocet to cope with the back pain... in just two sessions, acupuncture relieved enough of the pain for me to stop medicating myself. After probably 3 sessions, my back was so much better I wanted to focus on other areas. In addition, to the acupuncture treatments, Miriam also provided me with other lifestyle tips (stretching, being aware of what positions were causing the pain, ie leaning over to change my baby etc) to help maintain the progress we made together and to continue to heal. In addition, to the back pain relief... Miriam also helped work on my c-section scar tissue ... which has amazingly started to transform from a hard dense scar back to soft tissue. Acupuncture also helped me schedule an hour a day to myself, where I was forced to lay still, relax and focus on my breathing (priceless benefit). Miriam has been a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and herbal supplements. She recommended a daily vitamin for me,that I swear has improved my skin.

- Anonymous, New York, NY


Orthopedics/Emotional Well-being


"Reluctantly, I consented to seeing an acupuncturist after having surgery to insert a tibial nail in my leg. After my second treatment, my pain had diminished significantly but upon further reflection, I noticed that Miriam's approach to my treatment was unlike any other health and wellness practitioner (MD) that I'd ever experienced. She never considered me as an ailing body part or system but instead as a whole being with multiple interdependent components (body, mind, and soul). As such, by way of partnership, we started our work to making me better. I shared my ailments (physical and emotional) and she sought to address them both physically and spiritually with acupuncture and charging me with weekly tasks aimed at inspiring a release of the tension and causes of tumult in my life. I can say without a doubt that her holistic approach to health and wellness is responsible for my current state: in the best of health, unencumbered, open, free, and hopeful. Indeed, my father's son again. Thank you, Miriam."

- A.R., NY




"Miriam was the most awesome doula for my twins delivery!!! I also did some acupuncture with her during my pregnancy.Not only was she an incredible support for me, but also for my husband. Miriam rocked it so much in the delivery room that my OB took her card for future patients- and that was the first time he ever did that.
She has the perfect presence- strong yet low key. She's soulful and a great human being. I highly recommend her!" JD, NYC


Facial Acupuncture


"Facial acupuncture helps attenuate wrinkles on my forehead and on the outer corner of my eyes. It drastically increases blood circulation in those areas making my skin feel lighter and thicker. Facial acupuncture also diminishes blemishes and outbreaks that I sometimes have, and helps me relax when my life gets busy."

- Marie Gamelin, NJ


Miscarriage/Emotional Well-being


"I was going through a difficult time in my life. Although G-d had blessed me and my family with EVERYTHING, I felt I was moving through the days by rote without any feeling. After meeting my husband young, getting married and having two beautiful and healthy children, we experienced a loss. I was numb. And I couldn't see past it to recognize all the good. I spoke with Miriam, who was literally my messenger from G-d. She gave me something she called "a hug in a bottle." Being the first time I was going to take Chinese herbs, I did not know what to expect. I was desperate. I didn't want to snap at my children or to cry myself to sleep. Within a week EVERYONE noticed a huge change in my attitude. I feel I am floating, like the feeling I had when I just got engaged or at my wedding, my soon to be husband greeting me after a week of not seeing each other. I can't stop smiling! I am at peace with myself, and I am not jumping down my children's throats if they spill something or don't take a nap and are cranky.. Just thanking g-d for every little blessing! (and for sending Miriam my way!)"

- Anonymous, NY




I have been going to Miriam for acupuncture for over a year and a half. I started going to get relief from pain in an elbow which was treated traditionally. A series of injections and physical therapy gave me no lasting relief. The pain did go away with the acupuncture treatments. Seeing Miriam is truly a wonderful experience. She is a very loving,compassionate person who really cares about her patients. I always feel "taken care of" when I get a treatment with her. Acupuncture had also alleviated menopausal symptoms and stress and is a very relaxing experience. I highly recommend Miriam.

- Ellen T., NY




Miriam has been treating me with acupuncture since I was about 24 weeks pregnant. Not only has she treated me for pregnancy related discomforts such as heartburn and backache, she has helped me tremendously with my chronic sinusitis. I find that I feel relief even after just one treatment. Acupuncture has been so helpful to me during this pregnancy because it has provided me with relief without having to constantly take over the counter medicine. She has such a gentle touch and demeanor and a truly calming presence which is something that anyone can appreciate, pregnant or not.

- Michele J., Queens, NY


Labor/Delivery: A Husband's Perspective


Miriam's calming, confident presence and expert guidance throughout our labor and delivery were essential ingredients to the most amazing event of our lives - the birth of first baby girl. As the husband, I can atest that Miriam served as a pillar of safety and security to me as well as my wife from beginning to end, and her services are necessary for both the husband and wife in the birthing process. We were uninformed and uneducated about doula services until our pregnancy, however all our hesitations about "extra" or "luxury services" evaporated upon our first meeting with Miriam. Her calming energy, unending encouragement, and peaceful nature resonated deeply with both of us, creating an anxiety free, positive birthing state of mind. Miriam listened to our emotional needs, birthing philosophy, as well as all of our concerns and walked with us through each preparatory step on the way to labor.

My wife received a few sessions of acupuncture prior to the birth which we believe helped contribute to the smooth birthing process. After a long night of laboring, Miriam joined us at exactly the right moment, helping my wife and myself get through the hardest moments of contractions all the way to the moment when we were first holding our daughter. Miriam was an integral part of our birthing team and it's hard to imagine getting through it without her. After our first birth experience, my wife and I are now sure supporters of the role of the doula, and even bigger supporters of Miriam. There is no question that Miriam helped create our fantastic experience and our recommendation is unwavering.

- J&T, New York, NY, The Birthing Center, Roosevelt Hospital

Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified in Chinese Medicine